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Alternative forms[edit]


From nether- +‎ Saxon, influenced by or a calque of German niedersächsisch (as a noun Niedersächsisch) and similar terms in Dutch (Nedersaksisch) and Low German.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Synonym of Low German


Nether-Saxon (comparative more Nether-Saxon, superlative most Nether-Saxon)

  1. Of or relating to the Low German tongue, people or culture.
    • 1825, Edgar Taylor, Sarah Austin, Lays of the minnesingers or German troubadours, page 106:
      Some of the same songs are, it is said, to be found in the Thuringian dialect in a MS. collection at Jena. Kinderling, in his history of the Plattdeutsch, Nether-Saxon, or Low-German tongue [...]
      Note: This refers to the German work „Geschichte der Nieder-Sächsischen oder sogenanten Plattdeutschen Sprache vornehmlich bis auf Luthers Zeiten, nebst einer Musterung der vornehmsten Denkmahle dieser Mundart, entworfen von M. Joh. Fried. August Kinderling“ (Magdeburg, 1800), page 262.