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After chief of state of Vichy France Philippe Pétain, +‎ -ism.


Pétainism (uncountable)

  1. The political philosophy associated with Philippe Pétain
    • 1985, Harry Roderick Kedward, Occupied France: collaboration and resistance, 1940-1944, Wiley-Blackwell, page 19:
      Secondly, Pétainism was identified with common sense and realism. No argument against Pétain could start from a sound basis: it was made to look absurd, and people who objected to his leadership were 'flying in the face of fact'.
    • 1985, Harry Roderick Kedward, Roger Austin, Vichy France and the Resistance: culture & ideology, Taylor & Francis, page 236:
      In such ways the favoured status of Pétainism within Nazi-Occupied Europe limped on until the Allied invasions of 1944.
    • 2006, Richard Vinen, The unfree French: life under the occupation, Allen Lane, page 209:
      Giraud's escape from the Koenigstein prison camp did not mark a break with Pétainism; on the contrary, it was helped by elements of the Vichy intelligence service.


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