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 Pakistāna on Latvian Wikipedia
Pakistāna (Āzijā)
Pakistānas karogs


Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from the local name of the country, with two converging origins: on the one hand, from Urdu پاکستان (Land of the Pure), from Urdu پاک (pak, pure, holy, immaculate, chaste, undefiled) and Persian ستان (stân, land); on the other hand, a coinage by Choudhry Rahmat Ali, who published it in the pamphlet Now or Never on January 28, 1933 as an acronym of the names of the "Muslim homelands" of western India: Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Sindh, and Balochistan. An i was later added to the English rendition of the name to ease pronunciation.


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Proper noun[edit]

Pakistāna f (4th declension)

  1. Pakistan (a country in South Asia)
    Pakistānas karogsthe flag of Pakistan
    mūsdienās joprojām Pakistānai ar Indiju ir konflikts par musulmaņu apdzīvoto Kašmīrutoday Pakistan still has a conflict with India about the Muslim-populated (region of) Kashmir
    1998. gadā Pakistānā dzīvoja 132 miljoni iedzīvotājiin 1998 there lived in Pakistan 132 million inhabitants



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