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Palin +‎ -ista


Palinista (plural Palinistas)

  1. A devoted admirer of US public figure Sarah Palin.
    • 2007, Dimitri Vassilaros, "The Palin effect," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 23 July (retrieved 10 Jan 2010):
      Ardent Palinistas stretch from Alaska to Ambridge.
    • 2008, Dan Fagan, "Palin's statements belie promise of truthful leadership," Anchorage Daily News, 13 July (retrieved 10 Jan 2010):
      The Palinista movement will boldly tell you over and over how truthful, transparent, open and honest they are.
    • 2009, Evan Thomas, "Gone Rogue," Newsweek, 14 Nov. (retrieved 10 Jan 2010):
      If the Palinistas seize the GOP, they probably cannot take the White House.
    • 2010, Mitch Potter, "Tea Party rattles America's educated class," Toronto Star, 10 Jan. (retrieved 10 Jan 2010):
      "I'd like to be a Palinista but I want a president with a thoughtful world view – that is just a bare minimum requirement," Reynolds told the Star.

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