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Blend of para- (as in paraplegia or parallel) +‎ Olympics

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (sports) Synonym of Paralympic Games (an international sports competition participated in by sportspeople with physical disabilities, which is held every four years as a counterpart of the Olympic Games and nowadays at the same venue)
    • 1964 August 20, “Funds sought for ‘Paralympian’ trip”, in Nick B[oddie] Williams, editor, Los Angeles Times, volume LXXXIII, number 250, Los Angeles, Calif.: Times Mirror Company, →OCLC, part III (Sports), page 8, columns 2–3:
      At present, however, the Long Beach resident has more than records on his mind, mainly getting a representative U.S. team to the 1964 "paralympics" to be held in Tokyo Nov. 8–12. [Frank] Vecera is on a fund-raising drive for the six California athletes selected to perform on this year's team. The tab for transporting the six to Tokyo is $3,900.

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