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Alternative forms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A brand of medicine claimed to be effective against nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea, and having a bright pink color.
    • 2003, Lani Robson Remender, Casino to Die For: The Hunt for Tears of the Sun, page 224:
      See all those Pepto-Bismol colored housing developments to your right. They're cluttering up this beautiful section of the Sonoran Desert.
    • 2007, Jude Barnes, Missing The Laughter, page 39:
      The worst part was the bathroom. He insisted I paint it Pepto-Bismal [sic] pink. His tastes could be extreme, but it was his bathroom. I still can't chug Pepto-Bismol, though.
    • 2004, Wendy Etherington, If The Stiletto Fits..., page 127:
      Just before he'd slipped into a coma, he'd had the strong urge to run to a pharmacy and slug down some Pepto-Bismol.
    • 2003, Caroline Slate Fractured Truth, p. 136:
      You go swig some Pepto-Bismol and I'll pop a couple of aspirin and I'll take you to the movies over on Nineteenth Street."
    • 1998, Susan Isaacs, Red, White, and Blue, page 246:
      To Nicki, who was wearing the mini-est of minidresses, barely more than a ruffle of Pepto-Bismol pink.
    • 1991, Stephen King, The Stand, page 408:
      He would get some Pepto-Bismol and force Tom to drink it when he woke up, whether Tom wanted to or not.
    • 1960, Henry Ringling North, Alden Hatch, The Circus Kings: Our Ringling Family Story, p. 298:
      Arming himself with Pepto-Bismol he took off in one of the new Pan American Clippers.
    • 1952, Ohio Valley Transportation Advisory Board, Pacific Northwest Advisory Board, Proceedings, Regular Meeting, p. 17:
      [We] thought he was going to get up from the table and get some Pepto-Bismol and not worry about his breakfast because we had certainly ruined his digestion.

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