Petri net

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Named after Carl Adam Petri (1926–2010), German mathematician and computer scientist.


Petri net (plural Petri nets)

  1. One of several mathematical representations of discrete distributed systems, a 5-tuple , where
    1. is a set of places.
    2. is a set of transitions.
    3. and are disjoint, i.e. no object can be both a place and a transition
    4. is a set of arcs known as a flow relation. The set is subject to the constraint that no arc may connect two places or two transitions, or more formally: .
    5. is an initial marking, where for each place , there are tokens.
    6. is a set of arc weights, which assigns to each arc some denoting how many tokens are consumed from a place by a transition, or alternatively, how many tokens are produced by a transition and put into each place.