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Two cosplayers of Pokémon characters.


Blend of Pokémon +‎ fan


Pokéfan (plural Pokéfans)

  1. (slang) A fan or enthusiast of Pokémon.
    • 2000 November 12, Cliff Barnes, “My Whitby Diary”, in uk.people.gothic, Usenet[1]:
      This is fantastic... I've never met so many Pokéfans, and I've never seen so many Pikachu rucksacks around.
    • 2004, Hirofumi Katsuno & Jeffrey Meret, "Localizing the Pokémon TV Series for the American Market", in Pikachu's Global Adventure: The Rise and Fall of Pokémon (ed. Joseph Tobin), Duke University Press (2004), ISBN 0822332507, page 81:
      When die-hard Pokéfans outside Japan discovered that portions of the original narrative were being withheld, they flocked to online chatrooms dedicated to the series, where they complained bitterly about censorship and debated various forms of protest.
    • 2007, Eli Neiburger, Gamers…in the Library?!: The Why, What, and How of Videogame Tournaments for All Ages, American Library Association (2007), ISBN 9780838909447, page 71:
      Few of even the most hard-core Pokéfans will ever have tried this, so just pulling together a copy of Pokémon XD for GameCube and two GameCube-Game Boy cables can deliver a play experience that they've never had before.