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Selection of Polandballs representing several parts of the world.


Poland +‎ ball, coined circa 2009.


Polandball (plural Polandballs)

  1. A user-generated internet meme, where countries are presented as spherical personas that interact in often broken English, poking fun at national stereotypes and international relations.
    • 2014 March 4, Emmet Ryan, “Polandball is Reddit's answer to Crimea crisis”, in The Daily Business Post[1], Businesspost.ie, retrieved 1 November 2014:
      One comic, in which Poland flies into space and stops Russia using Crimea as a means of ramming the United States, has shot to the top of the charts in the Polandball sub-forum on Reddit.
    • 2014 September 11, Arunabh Saikia, “Why Some Calamities Are More Equal Than Others”, in The Newslaundry:
      This Polandball comic sums it up better.
    • 2014, Mexicoball, The Polandball Book, →ISBN:
    • 2015 May 2, Hoffman, Steven, “How Polandball can of taking over internets”, in Krakow Post[2]:
      It’s also gotten attention from the Polish media. Gazeta Wyborcza reported on it (po polsku), and, on Culture.pl, Wojciech Oleksiak wrote an in-depth English analysis, including a presumably tongue-in-cheek guide to drawing a Polandball.

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Polandball m (plural Polandballs)

  1. Polandball
    • 2011 December 10, RVG, “Re: [AAD 1] Suppression de fr.lettres.langues-slaves”, in fr.usenet.forums.evolution, Usenet[3]:
      En attendant je continue à lire les aventures de Polandball
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    • 2012 December 15, RVG, “Re: Pologne : un ministre boycotte l'ambassadeur israélien”, in fr.soc.politique, Usenet[4]:
      Washington est loin et que Berlin est très près :-) > Coupe du Monde de Polandball en mondovision !
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    • 2013 March 25, Cmarpo, “Re: pologne et urss, je t'aimes moi non plus”, in fr.soc.politique, Usenet[5]:
      Sinon abonnez-vous à Polandball sur FB. Vrai ça. Copié collé. sur word, changer la casse, recopié-collé ici et l'heure.... pffff...la flemme c la flemme.
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Polandball m (invariable)

  1. Polandball
    • 2010 April 22, II.Terminetor Magnetico, “Re: Re: South Korean ship 'hit by North Korean torpedo'”, in it.cultura.militare, Usenet[6]:
      Macche'... molto meglio: Polandball! ... fantastico! :-) -- --- what if this, what if that, why this, why that, and ...
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    • 2010 April 23, Albion of Avalon, “Re: Immagini private rese pubbliche e considerazioni laterali”, in it.cultura.militare, Usenet[7]:
      ... secondo te quale appunto > e' la filosofia di base di questo e dei due post precedenti ? devo farti > il disegnino, magari anche colla polandball cosi' ...
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    • 2010 December 4, Federico Antola, “Re: Antolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, in it.cultura.militare, Usenet[8]:
      LOL! Però Polandball rimane la migliore
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