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From the trade name of a brand of spackling paste.


Polyfilla (uncountable)

  1. (Britain) A metaphorical filler to minimize or obscure defects.
    • 1984, Gerardus Antonius Maria Janssens, ‎Flor Aarts, Studies in Seventeenth-century English Literature, History and Bibliography
      He writes in well filled fourteeners, with individual words used not only vitally to convey the sense but also as a kind of metrical polyfilla.
    • 2013, Julian Bagginni, I Still Love Kierkegaard (in Aeon magazine, May 6, 2013)
      Kierkegaard saw clearly that faith is not a kind of epistemic Polyfilla that closes the small cracks left by reason, but a mad leap across a chasm devoid of all reason.

Derived terms[edit]