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Potter +‎ -phile


Potterphile (plural Potterphiles)

  1. One who loves the Harry Potter series of books and films.
    • 1999, "Children's Books: Just Wild About Harry Potter", Businessweek, 8 August 1999:
      Advance orders for the newest installment, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which won't be in U.S. stores until September, have reached 920,000, though impatient Potterphiles are ordering it from Britain via Amazon.com.
    • 2004, Ann Hornaday, "Harry-Raising Adventure", The Washington Post, 4 June 2004:
      In the interest of full disclosure, let it be said: This reviewer is not a Potterphile, has never cracked a Potter book or darkened the door of a theater playing one of the Potter movies.
    • 2011, Eric Nelson, "What Harry Potter taught me about evil", The Christian Science Monitor, 6 October 2011:
      As every Potterphile knows, there comes a time in Book Seven when Harry has to choose between two courses of action in his quest to deal with the evil Lord Voldemort.