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From Python +‎ -eer.


Pythoneer (plural Pythoneers)

  1. One who uses the Python programming language.
    Synonyms: Pythonist, Pythonista
    • 2002, Steve Holden, David [M.] Beazley, Python Web Programming, New Riders Publishing, →ISBN, page 600:
      The reaction to nested scopes was widespread concern about the dangers of breaking code with the 2.1 release, and it was strong enough to make the Pythoneers take a more conservative approach.
    • 2004, Mark Lutz, David Ascher, Learning Python, 2nd edition, O’Reilly Media, Inc., →ISBN, page 514:
      Whether or not you partake in an occasional beer with local Pythoneers, we encourage you to go to Python conferences.
    • 2016, Jonathan Hayward, Artemij Fedosejev, Narayan Prusty, Adam Horton, Ryan Vice, React: Building Modern Web Applications, Packt Publishing, →ISBN, page 200:
      My story of being a language collector, finding Python, and then stopping the effort to learn new languages is not an especially unusual story among Pythoneers.