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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Initialism of Rwandan Patriotic Front.
    • 2004, Alison Des Forges, The Guardian, 3 April:
      The moral stature of the RPF has recently been called into question by a French judicial report accusing Kagame, now president of Rwanda, and other RPF soldiers of having shot down Habyarimana's plane.
    • 2011, Jason K Stearns, Dancing in the Glory of Monsters, Public Affairs 2012, p. 73:
      Bugera had his first contact with the RPF through an affluent friend, whose family had helped fund the rebels since their creation.


RPF (uncountable)

  1. (fandom slang) Initialism of real person fiction.
    • 2007, Ruadhan J. McElroy, Simple Man: The Autobiography of Peter West, S. H. S. Publications (2007), ↑ISBN, page 196:
      Apparently, this all started with some Star Trek stories and RPF or “real person fic” started in a Duran Duran fanzine.
    • 2008, Miriam Segall, Career Building Through Fan Fiction Writing: New Work Based on Favorite Fiction, The Rosen Publishing Group (2008), ↑ISBN, page 25:
      The first known "RPF" is believed to have been authored by members of the Brontë family, who went on to become famous for writing the novels Jane Eyre (Charlotte) and Wuthering Heights (Emily). Based on a children's role-paying game about the Napoleonic Wars, the series featured the Duke of Wellington; his two sons, Charles and Arthur; and their archenemy, Alexander Percy, partly based on Napoleon.
    • 2011, Abigail De Kosnik, "Soaps for Tomorrow: Media Fans Making Online Drama from Celebrity Gossip", in The Survival of Soap Opera: Transformations for a New Media Era (eds. Sam Ford, Abigail De Kosnik, & C. Lee Harrington), University Press of Mississippi (2011), ↑ISBN, page 245:
      Much RPF is about celebrities' private relationships, just as most soap opera narratives concern characters' private relationships.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:RPF.