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Italian rhymes[edit]

  • Rhymes in Wiktionary are organized using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). See Wiktionary:IPA pronunciation key for examples demonstrating the sound that each IPA symbol makes. See w:IPA chart for Italian for examples of how the IPA can be used to represent the sounds of Italian.
  • To find rhymes for a word:
    • determine which vowel is stressed in the word,
    • find the sound in the table below, which gives examples of words containing each of the vowel sounds of Italian,
    • and follow the appropriate link.
  • Notes
    • Some may ignore the distinction between the two phonemes for orthographic e and o when determining whether two words rhyme. For example, noi may rhyme with poi for some, despite having /o/ and /ɔ/, respectively, in standard Italian.
    • Words stressed on rising diphthongs in Italian, such as the /jo/ in fiore (pronounced [ˈfjo.re]), rhyme with words stressed on monophthongal vowels if that vowel is the same constituent vowel of the diphthong. Therefore, fiore, [ˈfjo.re], rhymes with amore, [a.ˈmo.re].
    • If a word is stressed on a falling diphthong, such as the /ɔi/ in poi, the rhyme page for that diphthong can be found on the page of the diphthong's onset vowel. For example, the /ɔi/ of poi would be listed on the page for /ɔ/.
a /a/ sa
e /e/ se, poiché
/ɛ/ bene, è
i /i/ si
o /o/ so, ancóra
/ɔ/ poco, andrò
u /u/ su

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