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From right (east) +‎ pond (Atlantic Ocean) +‎ -ia. Apparently from the Usenet newsgroup alt.usage.english circa 1997. [1]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (slang) The British Isles.
    • 2001 November 24, Ray Heindl <rheindl@nccw.net>, "Monetary trouble in Rightpondia?", alt.possessive.its.has.no.apostrophe, Usenet.
    • 2003 October 30, tomcatpolka@yaNOSPAMhoo.com, "to Rightpondia", alt.usage.english, Usenet,
      One difference between Rightpondia and Leftpondia is that Arpudlians go 'to hospital' and Elpudlians go 'to the hospital'.
    • 2003 December 14, Maggie Davey <bassett_green@hotmail.com>, "Re: Glucose Tolerance Test", alt.support.diabetes.uk, Usenet,
      I wonder how I would go about getting something similar over here in Rightpondia.

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