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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Abbreviation of Source Filmmaker. A software tool for video capture and editing, often used to create animations.
    • 2012 June 27, Carol Pinchefsky, “Valve's New Animation Tool Gives Filmmakers Their Own (Free) Studio”, in Forbes:
      According to Valve’s SFM website, users “can think of the SFM as a virtual movie set with lights, actors, props and cameras.”
    • 2012 October 13, Richard Cobbett, “Top 10 Source Filmmaker Movies”, in PC Gamer Magazine:
      Easily one of the best directed SFM movies out there, mixing Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and a fine sense of timing.
    • 2014 November 7, William Usher, “Garry's Mod, SFM Get Mod Support For Mixamo's Fuse”, in Cinema Blend:
      The barrier to entry in game development and design is now lower than ever before, and with Fuse having Garry's Mod and SFM compatibility, it now means that gamers can mess around and create their own characters for their favorite Valve properties easier than ever before.




S(エス)F(エフ)M(エム) (esuefuemu

  1. Abbreviation of Source Filmmaker animation. (a CGI cartoon)

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