Salon des Refusés

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Proper noun[edit]

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Salon des Refusés

  1. (historical) An exhibition held in Paris from 1863 to 1886, showing works that had been rejected by the Académie des Beaux-Arts when submitted for display at the Paris Salon.


Salon des Refusés (plural Salons des Refusés)

  1. A gallery for outsider art or art rejected from mainstream galleries.
    • 1985, Serge Guilbaut, How New York Stole the Idea of Modern Art, page 69:
      The press reported rumors that a salon des refuses was in the works.
    • 1999, Jay Ruby, The World of Francis Cooper: Nineteenth-Century Pennsylvania Photographer, page 84:
      By the time American photographic pictorialists became interested in organizing their first salon, European painters and sculptors had been organizing salons des refuses in protest against the official salons of Paris for more than forty years.
    • 2011 June 15, Jonathan Jones, “BP Portrait award unlocks our passion for painting”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Fifty-five paintings are a lot, and yet this year, for the first time, there is also an alternative show, a salon des refusés, set up by artists who did not make the final cut.
    • 2012, Daniel Cottom, Why Education is Useless, page 94:
      One result of this question was Dubuffet's decision, in 1951, to create a Salon des refusés for his Salon des refusés: an “Annex” to his art brut collection to which he relegated certain items, made by children, amateur painters, and others, that he no longer thought deserved to be shown on an equal footing with art brut proper.


Proper noun[edit]

Salon des Refusés

  1. Salon des Refusés, literally meaning room of the refused [works].