Santana wind

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Alternative forms[edit]


Disputed. Possibly from Santa Ana wind


Santana wind ‎(plural Santana winds)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of Santa Ana wind. (elided pronunciation):
    • 1953, Vicki Baum, The Mustard Seed, page 367
      "Do you know what we call a Sant' Ana wind, Giano? Like the one last week — when Toni — when he went to Las Vegas. It blows from the desert
    • 2005, John Rechy, Beneath the Skin: The Collected Essays, page 258
      When Ma is about to "get it" in the back in White Heat, the dark Sant'Ana wind, rustling leaves ominously, adds heat to the treachery.
  2. A foehn occurring during certain weather conditions in the Los Angeles area.
    • 1997, Alton Pryor, Little Known Tales in California History, ISBN 0966005317l, p. 26
      When the Santana wind abated, the Cahuilas searched for the ship, but it had sunken too deep for even their best divers.
    • 2000, Patricia Beatty, Lupita Mañana, ISBN 0380732475, p. 114
      As they slept, the santana wind came up, and they awoke to dust and slinging sand strangling them.
    • 2002, Maxwell Dickinson, Suds: Around the World on a Horse, ISBN 0595260209, p. 135
      Courtney's father, Harold, came to their rescue at eleven o'clock that night when the Santana wind reached peak velocity creating its own fire balls of burning limbs and leaves.