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Alternative forms[edit]


2008, blend of schadenfreude (malicious enjoyment of another’s misfortune) +‎ Ford (surname). Coined by Philip Preville in the title of a Toronto Life article.


Schadenford (uncountable)

  1. (Canada, humorous) Perverse pleasure derived from observing the foibles of Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
    • 2008, Philip Preville, “Schadenford: The arrest of Rob Ford, city hall hoser” in Toronto Life, March 28:
      [title] Schadenford: The arrest of Rob Ford, city hall hoser
    • 2011, Colin Perkel, “Police chief backs Mayor Ford on 911 call after ‘22 minutes’ fiasco”, Canadian Press (St. Albert Gazette), October 28:
      The situation prompted some Twitter users to resurrect the term “schadenford” — taking pleasure at the mayor's misfortunes — and a play on the German word schadenfreude.
    • 2013, Bartley Kives, “When the Ford jokes stop”, Winnipeg Free Press, May 26:
      In 2013, there's nothing remotely acceptable about engaging in Schadenford, a term coined by Toronto Life in 2008, when then-councillor Rob Ford was charged with assault and uttering death threats in a domestic incident involving his wife.
      Already a national punchline, Rob Ford went international, with U.S. TV talk shows engaging in their own particular form of Schadenford -- sketches about a nice, polite Canadian city with a buffoon leader who does a modern-day Marion Barry impression.