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Trade name, from Blend of chamois +‎ wow.


ShamWow (plural ShamWows)

  1. A brand of absorbent cloth.
    • 2009, John C Bieber, Angels:
      You might as well buy a couple of ShamWows and least you get your money's worth.
    • 2010, Scott Adams, Dilbert comic strip:
      "Use this Shamwow to absorb someone else's soul while you suck on the other end."
    • 2009, G. B. Trudeau My Shorts R Bunching. Thoughts?: The Tweets of Roland Hedley, page 25:
      From now on, will soak up her briefings like Shamwow.
    • 2008, Jeff Zahratka, Sweepers Sweepers Man Your Brooms: An Enlisted Man's Story, page 167:
      He had sincere ambition, and he would soak up information like a "ShamWOW" sponge.