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 Sibīrija on Latvian Wikipedia
Sibīrija (Krievijā)


Borrowed from Russian Сиби́рь (Sibírʹ) +‎ -ija. Originally the name of a 14th-century Tatar fortress at Qashliq (Tobolsk), later the capital of the 16th-century Khanate of Sibir. With the Russian conquest of Northern Asia, the name was extended to the areas beyond the Ob river.


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Proper noun[edit]

Sibīrija f (4th declension)

  1. Siberia (the Asian part of Russia, from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean)
    Sibīrija ietver apmēram 56% no Krievijas teritorijasSiberia contains about 56% of the territory of Russia


Derived terms[edit]

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