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From an ellipsis of Irish aos sídhe (people of the fairy mound).


Proper noun[edit]


  1. Mythical hills of Irish and Scottish folklore, home of the sidhe race; fairyland, faerie. [From 1793]
    • 1906, Augusta, Lady Gregory, A Book of Saints and Wonders, Columcille: The Friend of the Angels of God,
      Even Nera from the Sidhe could not do it; he is not made much of now; our learned one is not the light of our life now he is hidden away from us.
  2. Alternative capitalization of sidhe.
    • 1914, William Butler Yeats, Rosa alchemica:
      Their reign has never ceased, but only waned in power a little, for the Sidhe still pass in every wind, and dance and play at hurley, and fight their sudden battles in every hollow and on every hill; but they cannot build their temples again till there have been martyrdoms and victories, and perhaps even that long-foretold battle in the Valley of the Black Pig.
    • 2001, Mercedes Lackey, Rosemary Edghill, Spirits White as Lightning, page not numbered,
      “‘Fun,’” Ria echoed. “You want to invite me to one of the Sidhe’s High Holy Days—me—and you think it'll be 'fun'?”