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Borrowed from Japanese 弟子 (disciple, pupil).


deshi (plural deshi)

  1. (sumo) a member of a heya ("stable"); trained by its shisho
  2. disciple, mentee, follower
    • 1917, James S. Benneville, The Yotsuya Kwaidan[1], Reprint edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2006:
      At eight years of age Kichitaro[u] was placed as disciple (_deshi_) at the Jo[u]shinji of Fukagawa.
    • 2008 September 8, Richard Halloran, “Japan’s rapid succession of prime ministers belies its global role”, in Taipei Times[2], Taipai, page 9:
      After him came several deshi, or followers he had mentored.