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follow +‎ -er


follower ‎(plural followers)

  1. (literally) One who follows, comes after another.
  2. Something that comes after another thing.
  3. One who is a part of master's physical group, such as a servant or retainer.
  4. One who follows mentally, adherer to the opinions, ideas or teachings of another, a movement etc.
  5. An imitator, who follows another's example
  6. A pursuer.
  7. A machine part receiving motion from another
  8. A man courting a maidservant.
  9. Young cattle.
  10. A metal piece placed at the top of a candle to keep the wax melting evenly.
  11. (Australian rules football) Any of the three players (the ruckman, ruck rover, and rover) who usually follow the ball around the ground rather than occupying a fixed position.
  12. (colloquial, dated) A debt collector.


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