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Sunday +‎ -like


Sundaylike (comparative more Sundaylike, superlative most Sundaylike)

  1. Resembling a Sunday or some aspect of one, especially the religious observances and abstinence from work of the Christian Sabbath.
    • 1905, Harper's magazine
      Hence the un-Sundaylike demeanor of the procession, for few towns hold it more unseemly to stand and stare at passers-by, especially on the Sabbath.
    • 1865, The Rebellion record: a diary of American events
      In riding through these counties, the stranger is painfully impressed with the Sundaylike stillness that everywhere prevails...
    • 1947, LIFE magazine (29 September 1947)
      We drive sleepily into London along broad thoroughfares where to eyes fresh from New York the traffic seems sparse and Sundaylike.