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The title on this page says “&Ch1;” and “&x1;” respectivly for the chi and xi greek characters. I'm guessing someone mistyped 1 for i in the SGML Entity translation table?

Why use entities here anyway, when it doesn't use them in the body of the text (it just codes them as UTF-8)?


Yeah... I already posted a report on Wiktionary:Bug reports. This seems to be a problem with all of the Wikis in 1.3b tho—the problem manifests on the (empty) el.wiktionary and even the (non-empty) el.wikipedia.
I don't know why they're using entities there though—my guess it's related to the fix that now automatically capitalizes letters from foreign scripts. —Muke Tever 01:13, 9 Jun 2004 (UTC)
Capitalizes letters from other scripts? How about stopping capitalizing letters from this script!