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Usum loquendi populo concessi, scientiam mihi reservavi.Cic. Or. 160
(In the use of language I have conceded to the people, and kept my knowledge about it to myself.)

Subpages: notes on Ancient Greek and proposed more–dictionary-like CJK template

Hi, I'm Muke Tever. I've found this more fun than Everything2, where I ran out of stuff to say, and Wikipedia, where I can't contribute much more than fixing typos. Occasionally I contribute to the Latin Vicipædia, but lately I've been working more on the Latin Victionarium.

Recently I started a wiki of my own, FrathWiki, devoted to constructed languages (conlangs), concultures, and whatnot—projects that are generally too personal-scale for Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

Muke's first userpage vandalism[edit]

Blah blah blah, I am a big idiot that likes words too much, as I look down my nose at you and scoff at you colloquial phraseology I will constantly correct it and take it off my silly open source web page. Please take my open source web page seriously or else I will have no life. :^( available both in stupid and extremely stupid/silly

(by User:Hendersond1)

Ain't it cute? As if I ever scoffed at colloquial phraseology. (Well, maybe a little. But not at this person's word.)

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