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In this article (accessed: Wednesday February 28, 2007) I harkened to the following:

The root terms histor and math have similar meanings in their etymological antecedents (to learn, learned, knowledge), though with some initial and ancillarily added differing qualities. Innate in historíā (Greek and Latin) is that the learning takes place via inquiry and narrative. Hístōr also implies that the polyhistor displays erudition and wisdom. From Proto-Indo-European it shares a root with the word "wit". Inquiry and narrative are specific sets of pedagogical and research heuristics.

I referenced my Shorter Oxford (on historical principles) and did not find the adverb "ancilliarily"; I also searched via good and via definitions on google: nothing was returned. As my traditional grammer isn't the best (i'm more versed in functional and transformative grammar), I would appreciate any insight that Wikikin may be able to provide.

Aum~Ah~Hung B9 hummingbird hovering 08:41, 28 February 2007 (UTC)