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Entrepreneur is the french word for undertaker.

The word applied to the reality of eupore ; france at the end of the dark ages.
The Dark ages ended because Prince Henry the navisgator of portugal defeated the Moores in the meditarainian. This resulted in mechant ships being able , for the first time in 300 or more years to sail safely from the east coast of the meditarainian to the southern coast of europe, france . From there they located the old and unused roman roads which had been built for commerce and military use going north into gaul. The traders traveled up these roads into towns with goods, and spices for "sale" they discovered that generally it was not known what this meant. For 20 generations the people had lived by barter. . There was no currency to handle the transaction on a scale to make it '"profitable. EXCEPT; the only people in town, most towns had one, and he usually resided next to the church, ; a man who at the time of passing of the head of the house hold this man would take responsability for transacting the transfer of property to family members or others to who obligations were owed. These people understood better than all others what propperty changing hands "fairly" meant. so it was reasonable to them to step forward to meet this need. The need to start the ( so to speak) gross national product growing . ... and they already had a position in the community. They were the undertakers. the rest, asthey say is history. I found this in a book which traced history through numismatics and found that this story was told in a compelling way in coins
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Senses 2 and 3. Hekaheka 20:35, 18 February 2008 (UTC)

I have added a more generic sense for non-commercial entrepreneurship that ought to pass muster. DCDuring TALK 21:16, 18 February 2008 (UTC)