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The following information has failed Wiktionary's deletion process.

It should not be re-entered without careful consideration.

fudge packer[edit]

"One who packs fudge". If included at all, this should just be the {{&lit}} template. Furthermore, the only citation given is from South Park, where it is clearly being used to indicate the "anal sex" sense (despite a superficial, joky scene of the supposed gay person packing some candy). Equinox 12:10, 8 April 2013 (UTC)

Changed to &lit as it’s clearly the non-idiomatic use of fudge packer. — Ungoliant (Falai) 12:39, 8 April 2013 (UTC)
I wholly agree with the RfD and the change. DCDuring TALK 17:37, 8 April 2013 (UTC)
I'd like to see this cited and also the last sense 'one who practises anal sex' (but not necessarily gay sex). I though fudge packer always meant a male homosexual; I'm probably just wrong though, which is why I'm not advocating an RFV. Mglovesfun (talk) 17:51, 8 April 2013 (UTC)
This looks resolved. Requests for verification, if desired, go on that other page. Striking.​—msh210 (talk) 16:53, 25 June 2013 (UTC)