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I moved this material from WP a couple of days ago.

  • The verb to knee, known since 1896, means to strike someone with the knee. Hence a knee is also such a blow, as permitted in various martial arts. Both apply especially to a painfull hit in the groin, generally considered unfair, also in most fight sports.
  • A knee is also a term used in shipbuilding to refer to an L-shaped piece of wood, used to strengthen the joint between the sides of a wooden ship and the deck.
  • The expression over the knee means in position (exposed buttocks up) for a spanking, but though this can be over one knee (the legs spread), it is most often said, in fact incorrectly, when the spankee is over the lap (both upper legs) of the spanker.
    • Also used figuratively for any 'vulnerable' or exposed position, physical or other.
    • The expression to put over the knee means to give a spanking, or be extension to give any kind of trashing, physical or other.

In the course of further research, i am struck by similar wording under knee in Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 2nd ed, 2000. I am completely unfamiliar with W'ary's copyvio stds, so i've used the WP {{copyvio}} tag to announce my suspicion, as i would on WP and without the removal of defs that the W'ary tmplt implies. I leave it to the obviously diligent editors here to put things into good order for both the short & long terms.
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