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The Difference Between 'Newb' and 'Noob'[edit]

There is no difference. However, on online internet games, such as WOW (World of Warcraft), gamers' made up a an informal 'language' called 1337, meaning leet (elite). They describe people who are new to games as 'noobs' or 'newbs' etc, these words are shortened versions for the word 'newbie' or alternatives to words such as rookie, novice or even beginner. a newbie is someone who is new to the game at hand and is not familiar with the fundamentals and posessing little competence to the activity, so therefore will end up making bad decisions and losing. These words aren't only used in online games, they can be used to describe any rookie in any such activity. Usually these words are used in a derogatory sense, but are sometimes just used to justify the rookie's position, with no derisive intent.

There may be no difference between the words 'noob' and 'newb' but there is usually a preferability, which is that some people may prefer the latter of the two, some may not - there is no difference or justification. —This comment was unsigned.

There is a difference. The connotation of newb is positive/neutral, and the connotation of noob is negative. —This comment was unsigned.
A newb is someone who is learning, a noob is someone who refuses to learn. -- 00:31, 15 July 2011 (UTC)
Noob used to mean the same thing as newb, but not any more

Please add to Translations section[edit]

ヌーブ and 新参 is Japanese term of noob. Thanks.--Elfmd 19:21, 25 December 2009 (UTC)

Another definition?[edit]

I have seen, and live by, a definition of 'noob' that I do not see in this article. This definition is: One who is not new, but perpetually acts new, refusing to learn any 'lessons', hard-earned or otherwise, with regards to a concept, idea, or game.


Just because anti social geeks us the "word" in a certain context, doesn't mean that the term would have to have this meaning in all contexts. Noob was used as a term long before any online games existed, and it was always a smartass (and retarded) young persons version of newbie, but it also showed that the person who used that word was a newbie himself who tried to sound smart, IE like a person who uses ebonics and the like, to sound hip.