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It's significantly more widespread than Norfolk. Googling "pightle" shows that there is at least one place in Berkshire (200 miles form Norwich) with the same name. suggests that the word was viewed as archaic in the 1850s, and several other internet pages suggest it is Anglo-Saxon in origin. (Google "pightle anglo saxon")

I know nothing of any Anglo-Saxon origin to this word, but it was definitely in use in 1559. I am transcribing a will made in Wortham, Suffolk in that year and there are repeated bequests of "pigghtele" s to family members. I am new to Wiki editing, but if it is possible to add images in Wiktionary I could upload a small copy of the word from the will. I am unsure, though, whether the uploading of an image of one word in two thousand wwould constitute copyright infringement under a personal use license for an image.

Suffolk use[edit]

This is also used as far south as the Suffolk/Essex border (with Gooseacre pightle in Stratford St Mary and The Pightle, a road but formerly a field, in Capel St Mary). 21:20, 3 October 2009 (UTC)

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