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The popular use of the phrase is as noted. However, in reading someone's doctoral dissertation there was a french scholar who without blinking said the phrase means "hurray for all differences." His observation was a brilliant and chilling illumination for me. The statement was in the context of a disability study devoted to the history of the able and disabled and the slow erosion over time of of this illogical distinction. Doodyringer 07:11, 2 January 2011 (UTC) Used ironically to express French derision towards the English. Worth mentioning?

By choosing to deemphasize the common, original contextual meaning of the phrase we are robing our readers of both the ironic, and deeper meaning of almost all of the "common use" this definition describes-as well of any hope of understanding ANY use of the phrase prior to, and including the works of Tracy/Hepburn and Loony Tunes. I think it is grossly wrongheaded to give a definition here which only gives a partial understanding, and only that for works originating more recently than two decades-especially when the phrase had widespread common usage for several times that. It is the purpose of this dictionary to explain unknown language found elsewhere, not to be politically correct. The historical association of the phrase specifically with gender differences should be made clear, not just be mentioned as a possible meaning. To do otherwise is to defraud the reader of the explanation we are purporting to provide! 20:04, 22 February 2015 (UTC)