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Alternative forms[edit]


From Mandarin 唐山 (Tángshān).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A prefecture-level city in northeastern Hebei, China.
    • 1915 November 11, Fred D. Fisher, “TIENTSIN”, in Supplement to Commerce Reports[1], number 52j, page 18:
      The freight traffic of the Peking-Mukden Line has steadily increased, and the demand for rolling stock has been so great, due largely to the heavy traffic in coal between Tangshan and Tongho, that recommendations have been made for the addition of two hundred 30-ton coal cars, one hundred 30-ton covered-goods cars, and 12 locomotives. It is also proposed to extend the railway slope at Tangshan.
    • 1938 August, Lin Yu, “"The China Incident"”, in Philippine Magazine[2], volume XXXV, number 8 (364), OCLC 681623759, page 388:
      In Hopei, the Japanese found themselves quite helpless in fighting the Chinese armed resisters, who carried the fighting right to the outskirts of Tientsin. Of the 22 districts under the "East Hopei Administration", 17 have now deserted the Japanese and their puppets. The Chinese also raided Tangshan and Chinwangtao, the mining center and port in this long Japanese-dominated part of the country.
    • 1976 August 1, “M'land quake stirs people's concern here”, in Free China Weekly[3], volume XVII, number 30, Taipei, page 1:
      According to the intelligence sources in Taipei, the industrial city of Tangshan, between Peiping and Tientsin, with a population of about one million, was almost flattened by the strong quake.
      Quoting documents received from behind the Bamboo Curtain, the sources said that the number of casualties in the area of Tangshan, Peiping, Tientsin and Fengnan "was very great and could not be immediately estimated."


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