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R:DSL” in The Dictionary of the Scots Language, Edinburgh: Scottish Language Dictionaries, 2004–, OCLC 57069714.


This template may be used in "References" and "Further reading" sections, and on talk pages, to create a link to The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL).


  • |1= or |entry= – the name of the entry in the DSL. If this parameter is not stated, the name of the Wiktionary entry is used.
  • |2= or |url= – if the default URL is not linking to the correct webpage, use this parameter to indicate the URL of the DSL webpage to be linked to.
  • |3= or |accessdate= – The date on which the DSL was accessed. Use either of these date formats: 1 January 2017 or January 1, 2017.
  • |source= – use this parameter to indicate the source relied on by the DSL, as follows:
  • |4= or |passage= – a passage quoted from the DSL.
  • |nodot= – by default, the template adds a full stop (period) at the end of the citation. To suppress this punctuation, use |nodot=1 or |nodot=yes.


Unless otherwise indicated, the following examples assume the template is used on the page taghairm.