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This template must not be used directly
Access it by using the syntax described more fully at the main template: el-decl-adj.
Greek adjective inflection-table templates lists the available patterns of inflection.

For paroxytone and proparoxytone adjectives in -ος with the patterns:

m sg f sg n sg m pl f pl n pl
nominative ΄ος ΄η ΄ο ΄οι ΄ες ΄α
genitive ΄ου ΄ης ΄ου ΄ων ΄ων ΄ων
accusative ΄ο ΄η ΄ο ΄ους ΄ες ΄α
vocative ΄ε ΄η ΄ο ΄οι ΄ες ΄α
nominative ΄-ος ΄-η ΄-ο ΄-οι ΄-ες ΄-α
genitive ΄-ου ΄-ης ΄-ου ΄-ων ΄-ων ΄-ων
accusative ΄-ο ΄-η ΄-ο ΄-ους ΄-ες ΄-α
vocative ΄-ε ΄-η ΄-ο ΄-οι ΄-ες ΄-α

Syntax and output for ποικίλος (poikílos)
{{el-decl-adj|dec=ος-η-ο|stem=ποικίλ|compstem=ποικιλότερ|abstem=ποικιλότατ|posnote=optional notes for positive forms.|docnote=optional notes for degrees.}}

and άψογος (ápsogos):


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