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ga-prep (triggers)


This template creates a headword line for Irish prepositions. It takes two positional parameters and two optional named parameters.

The first parameter specifies which case the preposition governs: the options are d for dative, g for genitive, and n for nominative. Compound prepositions that take the genitive but that use a possessive determiner before their noun component (e.g. ar m'aghaidh (opposite me)) are tagged g+.

The second parameter specifies which mutation the preposition triggers: the options are e for eclipsis, h for h-prothesis, and l for lenition. If the preposition does not trigger a mutation, use -. For prepositions like ar and gan where the mutation triggered depends on the specificity of the reference, use -l when there is lenition only in specific reference and l- when there is lenition only in general reference.

The parameter named def= is used to specify the form used before the definite article (e.g. leis as a form of le).

The parameter named desc= is used to specify any other information you want to mention. Example:

{{ga-prep|d|l|desc=used only before consonant sounds}}

renders as:

ga-prep (plus dative, triggers lenition, used only before consonant sounds)

All named parameters that work with {{head}} also work with this template, notably head= for cases where the headword needs to be specified manually.