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Broad transcription[edit]

In order to add the broad transcription table, the stem of the word excluding the final -a must be set on the first parameter.


For attaš: {{hit-decl-aš|att}}

For alpaš: {{hit-decl-aš|alp}}


To create the transliteration table attention must be payed to the ending of the stem. If the it ends in a VC sign or a logogram, then it must be set after the parameter tr_VC=. However, if it ends in a CV sign, then the stem, exluding the "a" of the final character, must be adding after the parameter |tr_C=.


For MUNUS-LUGAL-aš: {{hit-decl-aš|tr_VC=MUNUS-LUGAL}}

For al-pa-aš: {{hit-decl-aš|tr_C=al-p}}


The cuneiform table is created automatically when the transliteration stem is added.


To modify the content of a cell of the broad transcription due to irregularities, the following parameters are used:


For the one to one transliteration and cuneiform, _tr and _cu are simply added to the back of the parameter.