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This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.


Usage: {{ja-accent-common|type|...}}


  • h or heiban (平板型)
    {{ja-accent-common|heiban|わ|さびづけ|wàsábí-zúké}} or {{ja-accent-common|heiban|わ|さびづけ|wasabi-zuke}}
    さびづけ [wàsábí-zúké] (Heiban) or さびづけ [wasabi-zuke] (Heiban)

  • a or atamadaka (頭高型)
    {{ja-accent-common|atamadaka|わ|さび|wásàbì}} or {{ja-accent-common|atamadaka|わ|さび|waꜜsabi}}
    さび [wásàbì] (Atamadaka) or さび [waꜜsabi] (Atamadaka)

  • n or nakadaka (中高型)
    {{ja-accent-common|nakadaka|わ|さび|もち|wàsábí-mòchì}} or {{ja-accent-common|nakadaka|わ|さび|もち|wasabiꜜ-mochi}}
    さびもち [wàsábí-mòchì] (Nakadaka) or さびもち [wasabiꜜ-machi] (Nakadaka)

  • o or odaka (尾高型)
    {{ja-accent-common|odaka|さ|び|sàbí}} or {{ja-accent-common|odaka|さ|び|sabi}}
     [sàbíꜜ] (Odaka) or  [sabiꜜ] (Odaka)

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