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This template can be used in a dictionary entry to provide a quotation from a United States patent.

Sample templates

Most commonly used parameters
#* {{quote-us-patent|author=|authorlink=|title=|number=|date=|page=|pages=|passage=}}
All available parameters
#* {{quote-us-patent|author=|authorlink=|author2=|authorlink2=|author3=|authorlink3=|author4=|authorlink4=|author5=|authorlink5=|last=|first=|last2=|first2=|last3=|first3=|last4=|first4=|last5=|first5=|title=|number=|url=|type=|date=|year=|page=|pages=|passage=|translation=|transliteration=|indent=}}

Certain basic parameters can be used in the template without any named parameters, as follows:

#* {{quote-us-patent|[year]|[author]|[title]|[number]|[page]|[passage]}}

This will not work if any of the parameters contains an equals ("=") sign. The value of any parameter containing an equals sign must be surrounded by <nowiki> tags, like this: "<nowiki>http://foo.com?id=bar</nowiki>". Alternatively, use a named parameter such as passage.


URL provided
  • Wikitext: {{quote-us-patent|author=Haresh Lalvani|title=Morphological genome for design applications|url=http://www.google.com/patents/US20070188489|number=20070188489|date=15 February 2006|passage=This invention deals with an integrated '''morphological''' system, herein called a '''morphological''' genome (morph genome), for design applications.}}
  • Result:
    2006 February 15, Haresh Lalvani, Morphological genome for design applications, US Patent 20070188489:
    This invention deals with an integrated morphological system, herein called a morphological genome (morph genome), for design applications.
No URL provided
  • Wikitext: {{quote-us-patent|author=Greg M. Kauppila|author2=Andrew P. Tijan|title=Rotary valve assembly and method|number=6539829|date=3 June 1999|page=11|passage=This can best be visualized with reference to FIGS. 5, illustrating both ends of the preferred embodiment perforation roll 12 side by side, numbered with '''romanette''' numerals i-xii corresponding to the hour positions on a clock face.}}
  • Result:
    1999 June 3, Greg M. Kauppila; Andrew P. Tijan, Rotary valve assembly and method, US Patent 6539829 (PDF version), page 11:
    This can best be visualized with reference to FIGS. 5, illustrating both ends of the preferred embodiment perforation roll 12 side by side, numbered with romanette numerals i-xii corresponding to the hour positions on a clock face.


All parameters are optional except those marked "Mandatory", and may contain inline interwiki or external links as needed.

Parameter Remarks
author (or inventor)
last and first
Mandatory: the name of the author of the patent quoted. (The parameter inventor can be used as a synonym for author.) Use either author, or last and first (for the first name, and middle names or initials), not both. Additional authors can be added using the parameters author2 to author5, or last2 and first2 to last5 and first5.
authorlink The name of an English Wikipedia article about the author, which will be linked to the name(s) specified using author, or last and first. Additional articles can be linked to other authors' names using the parameters authorlink2 to authorlink5. Do not add the prefix ":en:" or "w:".

Alternatively, link each person's name directly, like this: "author=[[w:Kathleen Taylor (biologist)|Kathleen Taylor]]" or "author={{w|Thomas Edison}}".

title Mandatory: the title of the patent.
number Mandatory: the patent number.
url The URL or web address of an online version of the patent, for example, on the Google website. If this is not specified, the template automatically links to an online version of the patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and a PDF version at Pat2pdf.org.
type If you have not used url to specify a URL to link to, you may use type to indicate the type of document referred to, for example, "type=Patent Application". If you do not use this parameter, "Patent" will be displayed.
Mandatory: the date or year when the patent was filed. Do not use the publication date of the patent, as the filing date indicates more accurately when the text of the patent was prepared. Use either date, or year, not both.
The page number or range of page numbers of the patent on which the quotation appears. Use page to indicate a single page, and pages to indicate a range of pages. For example, "pages=1–2" will display "pages 1–2". Use an en dash to separate the page numbers in the range.
passage The portion of the patent being quoted. Highlight the term defined in bold in the passage quoted like this: "'''cyberspace'''".
translation If the passage quoted is not in English, this parameter can be used to provide an English translation of it.
transliteration If the passage quoted uses a different writing system from the Latin alphabet (the usual alphabet used in English), this parameter can be used to provide a transliteration of it into the Latin alphabet.
indent Instead of using wikitext outside the quotation template to indent it (for example, "#* {{quote-us-patent|..."), you can use this parameter to specify the indent inside the template (for example, "{{quote-us-patent|indent=#*|...")

Technical information

This template is a wrapper for {{quote-meta}} and {{quote-meta/source}}.

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