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This template generates a citation for a web site.

Blank template[edit]

For convenient cut-and-pasting:

    | date = yyyy-mm-dd
    | author =
    | title = 
    | site =
    | url = 
    | accessdate = yyyy-mm-dd 


To generate the citation, add this template with the following parameters:

  • |date= Date of posting in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • OR: |year= Year of posting.
  • |first= First and middle names/initials of author.
  • |last= Last name of author.
    • OR: |author= Full name of author of the work. (ex. "John Q. Public")
  • |authorlink= Title of Wikipedia article about author.
  • |title= Title of the work.
  • |language= Language work is in, if not English. (ex. "Italian")
  • |site= Name of the website.
    • OR: |blog= Name of blog.
      • |newspaper= Affiliated newspaper, for newspaper blogs.
      • |magazine= Affiliated magazine, for magazine blogs.
  • |url= The URL of the work.
    • |accessdate= Date when page was accessed, in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • |archiveurl= An additional URL for the same work on the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive[1].
    • |archivedate= Date page was recorded on archive site.