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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:zh-l. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

This template and {{zh-m}} use the link function from Module:zh. Both templates take the same parameters.


  • {{zh-l|TRAD_FORM/SIMP_FORM|Transliteration|Gloss}}
  • {{zh-l|TRAD_FORM/SIMP_FORM|Gloss}}
  • {{zh-l|TRAD_FORM|SIMP_FORM|Transliteration|Gloss}}
  • {{zh-l|FORM1/FORM2/FORM3|Transliteration|Gloss}}
  • {{zh-l|FORM1/FORM2/FORM3|Gloss}}
  • {{zh-l|FORM|Transliteration|Gloss}}
  • {{zh-l|FORM|Gloss}}
  • {{zh-l|FORM|gloss=Gloss|tr=Transliteration}}
  • {{zh-l|FORM|gloss=Gloss|lit=Literal meaning|tr=Transliteration}}
    • 中國中国 (Tiong-kok, “China”, literally “Central Country”)


  • This template automatically guesses whether 2= is a gloss or transliteration. tr= and gloss= are available for when it guesses wrong.
  • This template automatically retrieves the first Mandarin pronunciation from a page if a transliteration is not manually given. (Transliteration can be hidden/disabled by making the manual transliteration "-".)
  • Simplified forms and pinyin can be suppressed using an asterisk * before the word.