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  • This is badly named. I suggest, that we:
  1. Rename aaq from "Eastern Abnaki" to "Penobscot". "Penobscot language" gets 1150 Google Books hits, whereas "Eastern Abnaki language" gets only 7, the majority of which are printed editions of Wikipedia. Penobscot by itself gets one and a half million Books hits (and Penobscot + Abenaki gets 32500), whereas "Eastern Abnaki" gets only 340. "Penobscot" and "Abenaki" are the names by which aaq and abe are distinguished in older reference works, and the contributors of our first (and, until I began adding more, only) aaq word, outdusis, called it Penobscot.
  2. Alternatively rename aaq to "Eastern Abenaki" (notice the added "e") and rename abe from "Abenaki" to "Western Abenaki". "Eastern Abenaki" gets 4840 Google Books hits, compared to the 340 for "Eastern Abnaki" (without "e"), and whereas "Eastern Abnaki language" is only used in 4 printed editions of Wikipedia, two copies of the same dictionary of acronyms, and one other book, 7 of the 8 hits for "Eastern Abenaki language" are independent, and none are Wikipedia. "Western Abenaki language" gets 307 Google Books hits, including Gordon Day's important dictionary; "Eastern Abenaki" and "Western Abenaki" are the names by which the lects are distinguished in modern reference works.
This is Penobscot? I would've never guessed. Yes, rename it to that. -- Liliana 19:18, 30 October 2011 (UTC)
Done. - -sche (discuss) 21:44, 27 January 2012 (UTC)