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territory +‎ -an


Territorian (plural Territorians)

  1. (Australia) An inhabitant of the Northern Territory.
    • 1967, Brian Hodge, Allen Whitehurst, Nation and People: An Introduction to Australia in a Changing World, page 258,
      Territorians also could elect a representative to Federal Parliament (a right granted in 1923).
    • 1998 December, Minister for Health, Family and Community Services, Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, speech, quoted in 2008, Tess Lea, Bureaucrats and Bleeding Hearts: Indigenous Health in Northern Australia, page 25,
      Put simply, Aboriginal Territorians have drastically poorer health across virtually all causes of disease. Life expectancy at birth for indigenous men in the Northern Territory is 57 years compared to 77 years for other male Territorians.
    • 2011, Stephen Gray, The Protectors: A Journey Through Whitefella Past, ReadHowYouWant, page 138,
      One of the ways he did this was by attending meetings of the Northern Territory Legislative Councul, the wind instrument created by the Chifley Labor Government in 1947 to give Territorians the illusion that they had democratic rights.

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