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From the name of the Thüringer ‎(Thuringians), a people who are attested since at least 480 when Sidonius Apollinaris mentions them (as Thoringi), and potentially earlier around 150 when Ptolemy mentions the [script needed] ‎(Teuriochaimai). Their name was traditionally connected to that of the Hermunduren, but this is discredited by modern etymologists on phonological grounds; instead, a connection to the Turonen is sometimes proposed. Grahn-Hoek alternatively proposes a connection to the Thervingi (authors have at least mixed up the two groups since ancient times on account of the similarity of their names), particularly a subgroup living along the Τύρας ‎(Túras).


Proper noun[edit]

Thüringen n ‎(genitive Thüringens)

  1. Thuringia