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From Middle English *Threnesse, Thrumnesse, Thrimnesse, from Old English Þrynnes, Þrinness, variants of Old English Þrȳnes, Þrīnes (Trinity), equivalent to three +‎ -ness.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Christianity) In Christian belief, the three persons (personae) of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Trinity.
    • 1949, Margaret Anne Williams, Glee-wood:
      [...] and I might not look at the brightness of His face save through a sheen mirror between me and Him that shields my eyes. So I have often seen the Holy Threeness, Father and Son and Holy Ghost, three in one, and but a little while might I bear the light.
    • 2001, Brian Payton, Hail Mary Corner, Dundurn:
      I'm not sure why God needs three forms — Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I don't know why we just can't say God. ... Jon went on for a while talking about the Trinity, the "Threeness and Oneness." It didn't sound as if he was convinced, though.
    • 2010, Genius of the Transcendent: Mystical Writings of Jakob Boehme, Shambhala, translation of original by Jakob Boehme:
      Therefore concern yourselves, you philosophers: how God has created this world in six days. For the work of each day is a creation of a spirit in the Holy Threeness, and the seventh day is the rest of the Sabbath of God, in the seventh [...]