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Apparently from Toronto +‎ -arian, perhaps with influence from Ontarian.


Torontarian (not comparable)

  1. (very rare) Torontonian: of, from, or pertaining to Toronto (the capital of Ontario, in Canada).
    • 1997, in British Journal of Canadian Studies, Volume 12, Issue 2,[1] page 239:
      This article is concerned with police relations with visible minorities in Toronto, an aspect of Torontarian society that has drawn the attention of other English academics (Todd and Todd 1992; Todd, 1992, 1993; Jackson 1993).
    • 1998 January 20, "Steve" (username), "Re: Radiohead and Bjork????", in, Usenet:
      I live in London, Ontario, so I hope it will be ticketmaster... if not, would anybody Torontarian be willing to buy some tickets for me?


Torontarian (plural Torontarians)

  1. (very rare) A Torontonian: a person from, or resident of, Toronto.
    • 1994 November 18, "an75098" (username), "Romantic Gay Torontarian (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)", in alt.personals.misc, Usenet.
    • 2000 April 5, "Flare" (username), "Re: Milk carton: My nemesis", in, Usenet:
      Oh now I feel like a limited Torontarian []
    • 2006 August 13, Craig Bennett, "Re: Perogies", in wpg.general, Usenet:
      I shipped a couple dozen of them express to an ex-Winniper now Torontarian a number of years ago.
    • 2007, Tim Pooley, “The Uneasy Interface”, in Yuji Kawaguchi et al. (editors), Corpus-Based Perspectives in Linguistics, John Benjamins Publishing Company, ISBN 978-90-272-3318-9, page 175:
      Chambers (2003: 107) gives the example of an interloper, an informant whose use of Canadian raising is atypical of Torontarians of his generation.