Tyndall stone

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After the town of Tyndall, Manitoba, where the stone is quarried, in turn named after Irish physicist John Tyndall (1820–93). Tyndall, Tindall (inhabitant of the Tyne river valley) < Tyne.


  • IPA(key): /ˈtɪndəl stoʊn/


Tyndall stone (usually uncountable, plural Tyndall stones)

  1. (Canada) A dolomitic limestone quarried in the vicinity of Tyndall, Manitoba, Canada, famous for its pervasive mottling and numerous fossils.
    • 1994: Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries, p 64, Toronto: Penguin. ISBN 0-670-85309-7.
      More and more my father chooses to decorate the stone surfaces with elaborate cipher, even though Tyndall stone, with its mottled coloring, is thought to be resistant to fine carving.