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  1. Alternative and probably nonstandard form of UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System).
    • 2002, Madhushree Ganguli, Getting Started with Bluetooth[1]:
      It is inevitable that the introduction of GPRS and UMTS will have a tremendous impact on Bluetooth. [...] Figure 10-11 illustrates the projected timeline for the rollout of Bluetooth, GPRS, and UTMS.
    • 2004, Jonathan P. Castro, All IP in 3G CDMA Networks[2]:
      In the following we cover the radio-access domain, which in part will cover UTMS Mobility Management (UMM) and UMTS call control to complete the context of inter-operability between 2G and 3G systems, i.e. GSM and UMTS.
    • 2005, Heikki Kaaranen et al., UMTS Networks [3]
      Security is a fundamental requirement in every part of the UTMS network and the IMS is not an exception. [...] The security issues in the UMTS environment are described in detail in Chapter 9.